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From carrying out risk assessments, designing and installing the best suitable fire alarm system and fire extinguishers, all the way through to providing maintenance and training, we at SafeTech Systems Ltd help you address your complete fire safety needs.

Fire extinguishers successfully extinguish fires in over 80% of instances. A necessity by law, adequate means of tackling a fire must be provided.


We have a complete range of fire extinguishers suitable for all types of fire, including paper, wood, plastic, flammable liquids, electrical and chemical fire. We can advise you on the most appropriate type of extinguisher for your environment and offer service packages to ensure that your firefighting products are kept in a safe, working condition.

In an emergency situation, sudden darkness can pose risk to occupants of a property and can make the evacuation process dangerous. Emergency lighting is the solution in the event of such an incident occurring.


It is a legal requirement to show escape routes by use of both exit signs and luminaires on the route acting as beacons to a place of safety in the event of normal lighting supply failure. It is also useful to be able to see and operate fire safety equipment, and highlight high risk areas and first aid posts to permit operations concerned with fire safety measures.

Fire Extinguishers

Emergency Lighting

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order requires a building owner, manager, landlord, responsible person or any person who owns, runs the business, or any person who has control of the premises, to protect the safety of employees and non-employees, to take such fire precautions as may be required to ensure that the premises are safe. These responsible people cannot pass on liability to a fire safety company by simply saying they chose a fire company to do this work. You should be able to prove you chose a "competent company" to look after fire safety requirements in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.


The risk assessment also sets out a duty to undertake and carry out a risk assessment and regularly review it. The objective of the risk assessment is to thoroughly examine and review potential fire hazards that could contribute to injury of "relevant persons" working in or lawfully use or transgress through the building.


The detail that is required in a risk assessment can be extremely complex and exhaustive. We offer bespoke fire risk assessments to help you assess your business risks, advice on any remedial action that arises, and we provide training and consultancy services.

Risk Assessments

Apart from fire alarm systems, we also provide audio system installations and maintenance services.

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An effective fire alarm system is crucial to life and property safety. SafeTech Systems Ltd offers a complete fire alarm service which includes design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We offer a wide range of products and a comprehensive service package for all fire detection and alarm systems to ensure your business can detect and respond to a fire.


All our fire alarm systems operate on an open protocol basis, which ensures you a greater choice of competent system maintainer and does not tie you to the system supplier or equipment manufacturer.

Fire Alarms

Designed to meet the needs of a low cover system requirement. These systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution for smaller installations, such as domestic or small business premises.

"Intelligent" systems that are a natural choice for larger installations and more complex systems. These systems provide far greater system information to the customer, such as pinpointing the exact location of the fire, and can also be customised to suit individual requirements and specifications.

Operate on the same principle as the addressable range. Advantages include reduced installation costs, speed of installation, minimum disruption to the client and property. Ideal for environments where running cables is not a suitable option.

Operate on the same principle as the addressable and wireless ranges. Especially useful for areas where hard-wired installations are partially carried out and wireless in the areas that cabling is not an option.

Analogue Addressable



As we are certified by a UKAS-certificated certification body and hold accreditation to the BAFE SP203-1 scheme, you can be rest assured that all our service activities are carried out with professional competency and are compliant with current legislations, BS 5839 and insurance requirements.

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Types of Fire Alarm Systems